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backsplash tile  in kitchen

Backsplash Tile

Tile Backsplashes in East Oregon


At Carpet One Floor & Home, our experts are here to guide you through upgrading your kitchen or bathroom with a new tile backsplash. Tile backsplash adds style, functionality, and class to a room. Without it, your kitchen can have a bare, incomplete appearance. Backsplash tiling is also a great way to give your bathroom space a unique flare. With such a simple solution to enhance the look and feel of your room, it’s almost a no-brainer to start with this project. Our experts will begin by guiding you through choosing the tile to match your personality and home design.



Custom Backsplash


Expressing yourself in your home is easily attainable when you choose to use tile for your backsplash. With such a versatile material that comes in a massive range of styles, shapes, sizes, and textures, creating a backsplash that is custom to your home is easy to achieve. Whether you want to combine several styles like farmhouse with modern or rustic with contemporary, tile designs can fit exactly what you’re looking for. A few popular styles include white subway tiles, grey and blue herringbone, mixing and matching different sized tiles, and using unique materials like glass and metal.


Durable Protection


Tile was the original choice to protect walls for many reasons. Tile doesn’t peel like wallpaper tends to and it also doesn’t bubble or chip like paint does when exposed to moisture. Kitchen walls are preserved by tile backsplash and don’t experience grease splatter. In bathrooms, walls are not damaged by excess moisture from showers. Overall, tile is a functional choice for your kitchen or bathroom walls.



Easy Maintenance


Tile is one of the most easily maintained materials on the market, particularly for backsplash. Tile does not collect dust, so keeping it dirt-free is simple. When moisture or spills do occur or build up, all that is required is a wipe with a sponge or cloth. We also recommend cleaning grout lines occasionally to ensure tile stays looking its best. Since backsplash materials are usually small tiles over a small area of space, this type of home update is usually affordable and doesn’t take much time to install.


To view our tile samples and talk with our local team of experts, visit one of our showroom locations in La Grande, Baker City, or Enterprise, OR.


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