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Carpet Stores in Oregon

When you think of carpet you usually associate it with words such as comfort and softness. Homeowners today still choose carpet over other flooring options for their homes. Why is carpet so popular? For one thing, it features unmatched comfort. Plus, most of today’s carpets offer premium stain and wear-resistant technologies, so they can stand up to everyday life. Carpet One Floor & Home in La Grande, Enterprise, and Baker City, Oregon, is your local source for all things carpet flooring, and we are here to help you find the best carpet for your home.



Compared to other flooring options, carpet is known for coming in a wide variety of styles. There are so many different colors, shades, and patterns from which to choose, so no design is considered off-limits when you choose carpet. We use a unique system to help match you to a carpet that suits your lifestyle and personal taste. At Carpet One Floor & Home, we are proud to provide carpet to all of Northeastern Oregon, Union, Baker, and Wallowa counties.



Types of Carpet


Color can play a major factor in your decision when it comes to choosing a carpet, for example, the darker a rug the easier it is to hide stains. There are five main types: level loop, patterned, textured, frieze, and plush. All of these, except for plush do exceptionally well at hiding most traffic patterns. Pile styles are also important. Carpet pile is the density of fibers that make up a carpet. Cut pile has fibers that are cut at the ends making the carpet denser. Loop pile is the opposite, where no fibers are left at the surface and are in a series of loops, giving the carpet an even look. Multi-level loop staggers the height of the loop fibers to create an uneven surface. Cut and loop piles also provide an uneven look but also give texture to the carpet and hide dirt. The look and feel of your carpet can be impacted by the type of fiber used in the pile. It can determine the stain and matting resistance as well as long-term durability.



Carpet Fibers:



Nylon is one of the top choices for carpets because of its durability. It is also a resilient fiber that must be treated to become stain resistant.



Polyester is an alternative to nylon, and it is often a more cost-effective choice. It also must be treated to become stain-resistant, and it is a bit less durable than nylon.



Olefin is most well-known for its use in loop carpets like Berber. It holds vibrant colors and patterns well.



Triexta is both naturally stain-resistant and durable. It is a newer fiber on the market but is becoming more and more popular.



Wool is a natural fiber that is known for its innate softness. It is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an eco-friendly fiber and it must be maintained by professionals to keep its look.



Where can Carpet be Installed?


Today’s carpets are made to be durable and resistant to staining. That means you can have carpet installed almost anywhere in your home. The best places for carpets include bedrooms, living rooms, and children’s playrooms. Other places you can have extra durable and stain-resistant carpet installed include hallways and stairs, you can even install a waterproof carpet in your finished basement. As always carpet should never be installed in kitchens or bathrooms because of the amount of daily moisture, and food can become trapped in the carpet fiber.


Our Carpet Selection


As your local Carpet One Floor & Home member, we are able to deliver quality carpet flooring as well as brands. We offer exclusives you can only find at Carpet One stores like Relax, it’s… Lees®, Tigressa®, and Innovia™. We also offer carpet remnants that can be used for custom area rugs and more! Check out our various area rug brands to learn more about our exclusive options. Come to our showroom or browse our carpet selection online now to get started.



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How to Care for Carpet


Keeping your carpet clean is easy when you follow

a simple cleaning routine. Before diving in to new

cleaning products, be sure to check the manufacturer’s

warranty. Follow the link below to learn a few cleaning tips.




Carpet Brands

Crafted with quality and performance, our

premium carpet brands are made to look

stunning and add value to your home.




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